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       When reading other peoples blogs I stumbled upon this cool question thing called: The Technology Tag. It was created by The Blog Tag, they basically give bloggers ideas on what to post on their blogs. Check out the original questioner here: I also read to responses from other bloggers, check out Joseyphina's post here: and check out Esther's post here:
  • How many times a day do you check social media?
Well, that's a complex question. I use Twitter once or twice a day. However, I'm a modern teenager, so I use Snapchat constantly. It's almost an alternate to texting for
  • Which is your favorite social media platform?
I gotta say that Snapchat is my favorite social media because I use it so much. I like how it is sort of a more personal social media and it used between friends rather than with strangers.
  • How much data do you spend a month?
I don't use data, I'm too cheap to pay for it.
  •  Have you made any long lasting friendships online?
  • How many times a day do you post on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook?
I don't use Instagram or Facebook. The most I have ever posted on Twitter a day, I think was three tweets. I usually tweet about once every other day.
  • Do you snap?
Yes, as I have established before, I use Snapchat a lot.
  • Do you always have your phone with you?
Almost always.
  • Who would you trust with your passwords?
Just about nobody
  • Do you use social media as a business tool?
Yes, if you follow me on Twitter (@Ben_DiBello) you know that I tweet blog stuff all the time.
  • How careful are you on social media?
I would say that I am fairly careful, I don't really share any personal information
  • Do you Google everything?
Yes, without Google life would be so hard
  • Is your mom/dad on Facebook?
I think my mom is, I don't use Facebook
  • Do you get your news on social media or from an online news platform?
For the most part, yes. I don't consider myself up to date on current event, but the news I do consume is usually from the internet.
  • Do you have Pinterest? What do you use it for?
No, I have never really understood the concept of Pinterest.
  • Do you have a MySpace account?
Ha, MySpace... That's funny.
  •  Do you follow trends you see online?
No, not really.
  • Have you ever made something by following a blog post or YouTube video?
I find YouTube how to videos just as essential to my life as Google.
  • Who are your favorite Instagram users?
I don't use Instagram (that may change soon).
  • Do you remember your first email address?
Yes, I still use it.
  • Do you use Skype and how often do you video call?
I have never used Skype and I've never really considered using it.
  • Quick Fire
    • Text or Call?
      • Text
    • Facebook or Twitter?
      • Twitter
    • Cellphone or Tablet?
      • Cellphone
    • Instagram or Snapchat?
      • Snapchat
    • WordPress or Blogger?
      • Blogger

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