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       I made a cookie clicker game with the Ben DiBello's Blog logo (Why? BECAUSE I  FELT LIKE IT!). I didn't publish it on the Google Play Store (because I didn't feel like it and it's pretty stupid). So, enjoy:

Step 1: Download a different app (Only needed for some devices)
  • Download an APK installer app (Example of APK Installer - Also lots of Android Devices can install the app by just opening the apk file, if your device can do this, you can skip this step)
Step 2: Download the APK file
  • Click this link and download the APK file, of my app, onto your computer
Step 3: Allow the app to install
  • Go in your settings and allow apps to install from unknown sources
Step 4: Get the APK file on your phone
  • Plug your phone into your computer with a USB cable, then copy and paste the APK file onto your phone (you can also email it or use a microsd card)
Step 5: Use the app to download the other app
  • Open the APK Installer App and install the APK file that you copied onto your phone
Step 6: Enjoy
  • Enjoy this app, feel free to leave a review below in the comments. Also if you have any problems with the app fill out this contact form. (Now you can uninstall the APK installer)

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