iCE Is Back With A Brand New Snowball?

      Recently I purchased Blue's Snowball iCE microphone. I didn't know much about microphones when I first started looking for a microphone for Season 2 of Ben DiBello's Blog Podcasts. After a lot of research I came to the conclusion that the Snowball iCE was the one to get. I wanna share my thinking process and give a quick review of the Snowball iCE.

What I Needed

       I wanted to get a microphone, so that the audio quality of Season 2 of Ben DiBello's Blog Podcasts would be much better than Season 1. I needed something that I could use with my phone and my Chromebook. Both of these devices have limitations on the amount of software that can be installed. So, I decided that I needed a microphone that could connect to and successfully work with both devices. It also needed to be a good quality microphone that was relatively inexpensive.

What I Found

      Before I started looking for microphones I was aware of Blue's incredible line of microphones, so that's where I looked first. I found out that Blue's microphones worked with a large variety of softwares and I have used a Blue Yeti with my Chromebook before. I did look at other options, but none were nearly as high quality that were within my price range. I concluded that I would get one of the following four: The Yeti, The Snowball, The Snowball iCE or The Snowflake. 

What I Decided

      Just about right away I eliminated The Yeti ($130) because of it's high price. I did think about it, but I am sorta broke, so it didn't seem like a good decision. The next microphone I eliminated was The Snowflake, the sound quality of this microphone, just isn't that great, which should be expected because of the low price ($40). What it came down to was The Snowball vs The Snowball iCE. The Snowball is about $70 whereas the iCE is about $50. These two microphones are very similar, but The Snowball is $20 more. The one difference is the audio pickup. The regular Snowball can pick up audio equally from any point around the microphone. Whereas the iCE can only pick up sound from the front. There are also a few differences in the stand and the color options. I chose the iCE over the regular Snowball because I don't need the 350 degree audio pickup, it really isn't that necessary.

What I Think

      I am very happy with my decision to purchase this microphone. It works perfectly as I thought it would. Its job is simple and Blue nailed it. The sound quality is very clear, just listen to Season 2 of Ben DiBello's Blog Podcasts. It works as a regular audio input on my Chromebook and with the installation of a simple app and an OTG cable, it also works with my phone. 

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