23 Snapchat Accounts That You're Gonna Wanna Follow Right Now

    I get bored like everybody else, but unlike everybody else when I get bored I don't watch just TV, play on my phone, browse the web or text people. I'm not normal like that. When I get bored I do completely pointless things and I put them up on my blog for the whole world to see (by the whole world I mean a few Russians who are just as bored as I am). As you can tell from the title I gathered a group of Snapcodes for celebrities that I think you should follow on Snapchat. I do not follow all these accounts on Snapchat, in fact I only follow two of these, but I still think you should follow all of them because I think you are probably more bored than I am, based on the fact that you are on my blog right now. To do this I went to various pages, like this one, and I chose accounts that I think are worth following. I also searched for certain celebrities, on Google, to see if they had Snapchat accounts. All my sources are link at the bottom of the page, but instead of just going strait to those websites, I advise you check out the Snapchat codes that I put on this page because you appreciate all the time and effort that I put into this. The codes are in reverse alphabetical order by first name because alphabetical order by last name is overrated. If you click on the images you can see them at their full size, enjoy!

The Weeknd
Snoop Dogg
Ryan Seacrest
Rhett and Link
 Nick Jonas
 Megan Trainor
 Kevin Hart
 John Legend
 Jimmy Fallon
 Jared Leto
Ellen Degeneres
 Ed Sheeran
 Dwayne Johnson
 Donald Trump
 Dj Khaled
Chris Pratt
 Calvin Harris
 Bob Saget
 Ben DiBello's Blog

 Arnold Schwarzenegger


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