Social Media: A Word of Advice

The following article was written by Kirithika of Wolfish Delight, enjoy:
      Social media has become a huge thing in the last couple of years. Everyone is using it, businesses, schools, probably everyone at your school/work and that guy you dated that one time. (And never again.)
      It’s easy to see why everyone loves it so much, you get to share your life with the world and get a sneak peek into Kim K’s makeup routine while you’re at it. But, it’s so easy to get sucked into the swirling vortex of Instagram and Snapchat stories, sometimes you begin to compare your life to theirs. Of course you have to remember that a person’s Instagram feed is only the highlight reel of their lives. I don’t imagine you’d like to post your failing grades and sudden acne breakout on Instagram. Yeah…me neither.
      Although don’t go and delete everything just yet! Social media is a wonderful way to connect with people in your life and to learn. It also helps you to be present in the world and learn about events from different perspectives, which I can assure you is very important, don’t believe everything mainstream media tells you kids!
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      I’d like to thank Ben for giving me these opportunity, it’s been really fun. My first guest post actually!  You can visit my blog:

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