Trump Games

      Whether or not Donald Trump becomes president, he still makes a hilarious character for a video games. These are the best four best trump android games available on the internet (some are available on iOS too)


       In this game you play as the one and only Donald Trump. The goal of the game is to get as high as possible, so that you can "Make The Galaxy Great Again". In order to get higher you build walls for Trump to jump on. It is like Doodle Jump, but a little different. Instead of tilting your phone, you angle the walls you build to control the direction Donald jumps. It is very fun and  the trailer is very entertaining, check it out:

Trumpy Wall

       In this game you also play as the great Donald Trump. The goal of this game is to build Trump's wall by clicking the right combination of colors. Each tile of the wall is a either red or blue, so you have to click the right color before the top of the wall comes smashing down on Trump's head... Enjoy!

TRUMP'S WALL - Build it Huuuge

       In this game you play as, you guessed it, Donald Trump. The goal of this game is to build Trump's wall high as you can without tipping it over. It's very simple and very addicting, check it out:

Defend the Border

       As you may but probably don't know I also designed a Trump related app, it's called: Defend the Border. In this game you defend Trump's empire by shooting Mexicans who are crossing the border. Now this may seem a bit racist, but to me it seems in line with Trump's Immigration Policy. Download it Now!

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