The Top 5 Places to Move to Before Trump is President

1) Mexico

       People are moving out of the country at a fairly fast rate and where are they all going? Canada. Which means, you can't go to Canada, it's gonna be too busy up their. So, why not go to the other border? If you ignore the lack of jobs and extreme crime issues, Mexico is a great place to live. They have some very nice weather plus plenty of fun traditions, like the Day of the Dead (it's funner than it sounds). 

2) Chile

       If for some reason Mexico doesn't seem appealing to you, the next best place to go would be Chile. Why Chile? you ask. Because it has a cool name. It's called Chile, yet it is not always chilly down there. They also make good Chile (I'm assuming)

3) Australia

       So, you don't like Chile or Mexico, then why not head across the pond to Australia. Australia has some great stuff, like Nemo, kangaroos, wallabies, action heroes, golf, etc. Apparently that in some areas of Australia, they golf at night because it is so hot during the day. Doesn't that sound fun?

4) Greenland

       Greenland is probably the next best place to go. I think that in the winter polar bears migrate into northern Greenland, I don't know, I think I read that somewhere. More importantly Greenland has a nice ironic name. They're called Greenland even though there isn't much green because its all snowy up there. There might be green stuff, I don't know. I guess I don't really know that much about Greenland. I'll have to do some research and get back to you on this. Still, you should go to Greenland

5) North Korea

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  1. 6) Go to Ben Dibello's Blog before Trump is president!

    This should be the first place you go. Where else would you guys go... you have no life. Just ask for a magnet... He has like 160 of them. Or just read all of the jokes on the blog... That will take your mind off of all the things Trump might do as president.


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