Is the Earth Flat? - Podcast S1 E6

Flat Earth Society Website:
Weird perspective horizon thing:
Some math that apparently proves the theory:
Here are a few corrections to the information in this podcast:
  • The belief of Hinduism is that the Earth is flat, but is carried around by a "World Turtle" (see below)
  • There has been more than one picture of the Earth from space, but they are all different (see below) 
  • Compass' work the same, even in a round Earth the magnetic field is curved and there would be probably only be a magnetic pull in a Flat Earth and it would be from the North Pole and South would just always be the opposite of North because there would be no pull from the South Pole 

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  1. Loved this podcast, after reading some of the articles I am convinced that the Earth is indeed flat


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