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       I would be very happy to have a guest blogger post on my blog, after all it's just more content for blog viewers. If you are interested in guest blogging you can email me at:, but first I encourage you to finish reading this paragraph. I've always loved the idea of having guest bloggers, but I've never actually invited people to guest blog (I'm not sure why). Before you send me an email I just want to let you know what the rules are and what will happen with your guest post. First off, if you've explored my blog, even just a little bit, you will know that I am not an ordinary blogger. I do weekly podcasts and I don't do a lot of actual blogging. I do post everyday, but my posts consist of a celebrity birthday and a joke, so for guest bloggers I'll just publish your guest post as a page. The page will go up on a Monday, will be promoted on Twitter and there will be a link in that day's post. Throughout the week there will be an image on the sidebar to invite viewers to this page. After the week is over the only way people will get to this page is through the Link Library, which does get a lot of views, but it will not be easily accessible from the home page. The next thing is the rules. I really don't have many rules. I just ask that what you write is family friendly and that it is not published anywhere else. I am totally fine with adding a link to your blog at the end of the guest post, especially if you write a high quality post. As far as the topic is concerned, you can really write about anything, again it has to be family friendly, but I don't really ever talk about anything specific on my blog, so feel free to write about whatever you want. However, I'm not just gonna publish anything, so if is a detailed description about your first date with this cute guy/girl you just met, I probably won't post it because that is really not that applicable to my blog. That is something that belongs on your blog. If you follow the rules, your post will most likely be published. I will probably email you to let you know when it will be up. If you want me to guest post on your blog I would be very happy to, I can write fairly well, I just don't very often. Thanks for viewing my blog, I anxiously await your email.

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