Why I Bought A Fire Tablet And Why You Should Too

       If you don't already know the Fire Tablet is a cheap tablet sold by Amazon. The first version was pretty bad and a little more expensive, but the current version costs $50, runs apks and has a largely growing app store. There are many pros to purchasing the Fire Tablet 7, but there also are quite a few pros too, so here's my reasoning:



       The standard, cheaper version of the Fire has 8GB of internal storage. For an extra $20 you can get another 8GB (that's 16GB for $70, if you can't math). I do not recommend spending the extra $20 because there is a microSD card slot which will take up to 128GB of extra storage. It's much cheaper to purchase a 8GB microSD card than buying the extra internal storage. In fact for $20 you can buy a 64GB microSD card. Personally I had an 8GB microSD before I purchased the Fire and I leave it in the slot all the time. You can have most apps, books and files downloaded onto external storage, so you can always add more storage space.


       The Amazon Appstore has plenty of apps. After the first model of the Fire, Amazon created a new app store using APKs (android apps). This new store allows developers to easily publish apps on the Amazon Appstore if they already have an app on the Google Play Store. Now after a year the Amazon Appstore is very large and it still growing. One thing that makes the Amazon Appstore so appealing to developers is the fact that they allow developers to publish apps for free. So right now you can download tons of apps including Amazon Underground Apps which are games that have all the paid extras available for free. This is a feature in a lot of games, but not all the games. I think this is a great feature however I don't do a lot of gaming on my Fire.  


       The Fire Tablet has a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. It is very fast I have never had any issues with the speed, but I don't do anything that require a high refresh rate. The WiFi loads on my Fire is very fast, sometimes I have issues watching Netflix on my computer, I assume it's because my WiFi router is acting up, but when I go to my Fire and try to watch Netflix, it works. I don't know for sure if it's my computer or my Fire, but I think it's just that my Fire is so much faster.

Battery Life

       The information on the Fire's page says the Fire's battery lasts seven hours in use. I can't really estimate how many hours of use I get off one charge, but I will say that different apps use up battery at different speeds like any other tablet. Games tend to use up battery faster, while reading or browsing the internet uses up battery slower. I have noticed that watching Netflix does not use up battery very fast like I would expect it to. When I'm not using it, the battery life of the Fire goes down really slowly. The other day I turned it on when I got up in the morning (around 7), I didn't use it all day and when I checked the battery it had lost only 1%. Overall the battery life is very good, not quite as good as some other tablets, but it's still very good.


      This is pretty basic, the device has bluetooth. It connects to speakers, keyboards and other bluetooth devices. I even got it to connect to my Boogie Board Sync. I have had no issues connecting to bluetooth devices. The one annoying thing about the bluetooth, is that it is under the wireless section menu when I think it should be its own section. It isn't a big deal, but everytime I open settings it annoys me. 


       I mentioned this in the intro paragraph. The cheapest version of this tablet is $50. I think $50 is a really good price for this tablet. The question is, do you think it is worth it?



       So, one thing that a lot of people look for in a tablet is size. Most people prefer a large tablet, that's why the size is in the "Cons" section, however personally I like the size of the tablet. It's a good amount bigger than my phone, but it's a manageable size. In fact, I think it is the perfect size. I'm starting to question why I put this in the "Cons" section, I guess I'm appealing to public opinion.

Special Offers

     Earlier in this article I stated that the tablet costs $50, "but this is with "Special Offers". "Special Offers" are Amazon ads that are on the lock screen of your tablet. It costs $15 to disable "Special Offers", so if you want to buy the Fire without "Special Offers" it costs $65. You can disable "Special Offers" whenever you want from the "Manage Your Content and Devices" menu on Amazon. I bought the Fire without Special Offers and it only cost me an extra $10, clearly they've raised the price since then.


       This is a small one, not a lot of tablets have impressive cameras, but the Fire has a terrible camera, like it's really bad. A good camera is not essential in a tablet, but if you want to be able to take good pictures this is definitely not the tablet for you. The cameras on the Fire are meant for apps like Skype, not photography.


       If you are even a little bit observant you probably noticed that Apps is also in the Pros section, that's because there are both Pros and Cons to the app selection. The reason this is in the Cons section is because Amazon and Google can't work together. There is not a single app by Google on the Amazon apps store. You can install apps from the Google Play Store by directly installing them through the APKs, however you can not install any Google Play based apps, like Google Play Music or Google Play Movies.
       Clearly there are more pros than cons and the cons listed are not hugely important to me plus you can get the Ben DiBello's Blog app on the Amazon App Store, so there's that. I will admit that one of the reasons I bought this tablet was because I wanted to be able to test all the updates for my app on a Amazon device, but in hindsight I would buy it again even if I didn't publish my app on Amazon. There are a few other features the tablet does have that I have noticed. One is that you can make document, like Word Documents. You can make and edit, a regular word doc, spreadsheets and slide presentations. This tablet is also based on Amazon Prime. It is designed in a way that if you have Amazon Prime it is so much more useful. I don't have Amazon Prime and I still love, that's just something to think about. One thing a lot of people have done with this tablet is wipe it and put a regular version of Android on it. This is a very good use of this tablet and for people who know what they are doing I do think that putting regular Android on it is not a bad idea because Fire OS can be kind of annoying. The reason why I haven't really considered this is because I want to be able to test my app on a Amazon device. I recommend getting this tablet it is very useful and practical. If you do purchase this tablet I recommend getting a case, this is the one I got it's, only $13 and I love it:
       I also recommend getting an OTG cable, it does work with keyboard, mouses and flash drives. It also has a photo importer app built in if that is at all important to you. Thank you for viewing my blog and reading this review, follow me on twitter @Ben_DiBello for updates about my blog, I'll see you there... 

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