How To Embed A YouTube Video The Right Way

       I've been using Blogger and embedding Youtube videos in posts for almost three years now. This has been long enough for me to realize there is a right way and a wrong way. For the first two and a half years, I was doing it the wrong way. To clarify I'm going to show you how to do it both ways.

The Wrong Way

       The wrong way is also the easy way, but it's not that much easier. In fact you could see it as harder, I'll let you decide:

Step 1: Find Your Video on YouTube (this step is sorta obvious)
Step 2: Copy the Title of the Video
Step 3: Click the Video button in your Post or Page
Step 4: Paste the Title of Your Video in the Search Bar
Step 5: Select your Video

      The only reason you should use the video button is if you want to upload a video directly onto your blog. When using it for YouTube, there are two problems with doing it this way. The first problem is it doesn't always work. Sometimes I would search for the video in Blogger and it doesn't show up. I have not idea why this is, it just wouldn't show up and I'd have to find another video. The second problem is that you can't change the size of the video. It's just a square and almost no video on youtube is a square, so there are gonna be bars on the top and the bottom. It's really stupid, example:

The Right Way

       This way may take a little longer, but it is fool-proof:

Step 1: Find Your Video on YouTube
Step 2: Click the "Share" Button Below the Video
Step 3: Click the "Embed"tab
Step 4 (optional): Click Show More, to Change the Size and Settings of the Video Player
Step 5: Copy the Embed Code
Step 6: Click the "HTML" Tab on Your Post or Page
Step 7: Paste the Code in the Desired Location

       This method may have more steps, but it works everytime and you can choose the size of your video (I usually use the preset 560x315) Example:

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