Ok, so I've been informed that it is possibly illegal to have images on my blog that I haven't created myself. I have done a lot of research on this in the past and I concluded that as long as I did not specifically say that I owned the images and I am not making money what I'm doing is perfectly legal. However to be safe I am creating this disclaimer to inform the world that I do not own all the content on my blog. I do not own every video, image or other content that is on my blog, like jokes. Below are a list of link to where I get my content. I have been reluctant to release this list because I don't want people to just read the jokes off these websites and never check my blog again, but now I feel I must release this list. The other big thing is images. As you may notice most of the images on my blog have my blog logo in the bottom left corner. As far as I can tell this is also legal. I am not claiming these images as my own I am merely advertising. That way if someone finds an image on my blog and shares it with others it serves as an advertisement for my blog. The reasons all these things are legal is because of something called Fair Use. Fair Use is a set of guidelines that excuses you from things like copyright infringement. Read more about Fair Use here.

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