Defend the Border!

          Defends Trump's Empire by shooting illegal immigrants before they shoot you in this one of a kind simulated shooting Android app. Please do not be offended, this app is merely a joke. I have nothing against mexicans (however I do have a lot I would like to say to Donald Trump.) The only reason this app is not on the Google Play Store is because it is borderline racist and that is against the Google Play Hate Speech Policy. I am attempting to make fun of Donald Trump NOT Mexicans. If you have any issues with this app let me know here and please comment below if you would like to review the app. This app is also available on the Chrome Web Store here.
  • Step 1: Download a different app
    • Download an APK installer app (Example of APK Installer - Also lots of Android Devices can install the app by just opening the apk file, if your device can do this, you can skip this step)
  • Step 2: Download the APK file 
    • Click this link and download the APK file, of my app, onto your computer (the link is for Version 2)
  • Step 3: Allow the app to install
    • Go in your settings and allow apps to install from unknown sources
  • Step 4: Get the APK file on your phone
    • Plug your phone into your computer with a USB cable, then copy and paste the APK file onto your phone (you can also email it or use a microsd card)
  • Step 5: Use the app to download the other app
    • Open the APK Installer App and install the APK file that you copied onto your phone
  • Step 6: Enjoy
    • Play this game and feel free to leave a review in the comment section below (you can uninstall the apk installer all now)

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