Must Have Chrome OS Apps and Extensions

Checker Plus for Gmail
       This extension is probably my second most used extension. It allows you to easily check your Gmail from any tab and it gives you a notification whenever you get an email. It's very customizable and you can login with multiple accounts.


       I have had a Chromebook for a while and in that time I have gone from one weather app to another and I have concluded that the best weather app of them all is: WeatherBug. I love this app it's simple and very helpful. It has all of the information that I need and is organized very well.

Chrome Speak

      This is a great extension that I discovered when I was having trouble reading a long article for school. Once you have the extension installed, all you have to do is highlight some text then right click the selected "read selected text". The extension will read the text out loud to you. The voice can get annoying, but it is very helpful when reading something is boring. 


    This is probably the most popular extension on chrome. It allows you to block all ads, including the commercials before YouTube videos. If you use Chrome OS often and don't have this extension, I question your sanity.

ARC Welder

      This app was designed for android app developers. It gives you a way to install and test android APK's on Chrome OS, but it can be used for more than just testing. If you have an offline android game or app that you love and wish you could use on your Chromebook. This is how you can do it. Just find the APK online, put it through the ARC Welder and "voila" you have a Android App on you Chrome OS device. Though the new feature of having the Play Store on Chromebooks make this app obsolete for most uses, it can still be used for testing apps and for those of you who have older chromebooks, that don't have Google Play.

Ben DiBello's Blog

      You may be starting to realize that on all these lists I make I advertise for my blog. I assure you that these pages aren't just an elaborate advertisement to get you to install my apps. I honestly believe that the Ben DiBello's Blog Chrome App is a must have for chrome users. That's why it's on the list. It's not just because it took me countless hours to figure out how to write the 13 lines of code necessary to get a Chrome OS app to work. I truly wholeheartedly believe that every Chrome OS user should have this app. It's app's great, install it.

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