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            I created my blog with the intent of updating people on somebody's birthday and to give them a funny joke each day. I try to vary the types of jokes everyday and I try to update it every day. I also have different pages for longer jokes on the sidebar.  My blog is just somewhere I put different things that I think are fun or funny so that others can view them. I ask you if you get a chance to please vote on the poll at the bottom of the page. Every Friday I upload a new podcast, every month I upload a new A Little Political episode and every weekday there is a new episode of Sports Night. Explore my blog, there is a ton of cool stuff to find. I do not own the rights to any of the jokes, videos, pictures, etc unless otherwise stated (learn more). If you want to get notifications whenever I post and/or you wish to view my blog on your mobile device please check out my blog app here: 
            I started regularly posting on my blog in January 2014. Through the years my blog has changed drastically. I've changed and added many things. Some things failed horribly, like my attempt to do vlogs (you won't find those vlogs anywhere, they have been destroyed) and some things were very successful, like my Gif of the Month idea, but overall my blog has become something amazing that I am very proud of. 
            If you need to contact me for any reason please leave a comment below. Also follow me on social media to get blog updates and to increase the popularity of my blog. All my blog posts get re-posted on Google+ and I put news about my blog on Twitter and Snapchat.

Thank you very much for viewing my blog,
      -Ben DiBello

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  1. Knock Knock!
    Who's there?
    Lettuce who?
    Lettuce in, it's freezing outside.

  2. Good blog :) Very funny, but you can pulish also opinions about something that you thing about one film or maybe some video. Idk... there are just some ideas.
    Whatever... Stay like this Ben, you're amazing :)


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