6 Underrated Android Apps

       This is a list of six android apps, some of which are popular and some of which are not very popular, but all of these apps are much less popular than I think they should be. All of the listed apps are free:

360 Security

       "360 Security - Antivirus Boost" saves battery power, speeds up your phone and works as an antivirus program. The boost feature closes any apps that are running in the background to speed up your phone. The app also identify files that are saved on your phone that are not being used. A toolbar can be added to your notification bar. This toolbar includes a boost button and a flashlight. This app saves battery, increases speed and is under 40 megabytes.

AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage

       "AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage" does a lot of things. It mirrors many apps onto your computer and it allows easy file transfers. The app also includes extra security including remote access to the front and rear camera and a "find my phone" feature.

Google Opinion Rewards

       "Google Opinion Rewards" is an app used to make money by taking quick surveys posted by Google. The surveys are very simple with questions like "Which of these stores have you been to recently?". Each survey you do gives you Google Play Credit. In my experience the survey rewards span between 10 and 40 cents and the number of questions span between 2 and 10 questions. I have made about five dollars in the past two months. You get a notification whenever there is a new survey available.

CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator

       "CamScanner" is a on the go scanning app. What it does is very simple. You take a picture of a document with the app, then it automatically crops the image so it is only the document. It then converts this image to a PDF. You can then share then document, fax it, print it, extract the text, etc. This app is designed to scan, regular sized documents, business cards, receipts, sticky notes and pretty much any piece of paper you can think of. Because of its text recognition software the document will be very clear as long as you have a decent camera on your phone.

Lower Brightness Screen Filter

       "Lower Brightness Screen Filter" is exactly what it sounds like. It is an app that lowers the brightness on your phone. The awesome part is it'll lower the brightness of your phone to lower than the lowest brightness. This is for when your in a really dark room and your phone brightness is at its lowest but still too bright. It is very simple and easy to use. Also it only takes up 3.1 megabytes. 

Ben DiBello's Blog

       Obviously I couldn't create a list of underrated android apps without including my own app. The "Ben DiBello's Blog" is an app used to read the daily posts from my blog, even when your offline. You'll get a notification every time I post. There are also a lot of other cool features like phone wallpapers and long jokes.

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