January 27, 2017

Last Blog Post Ever!

Happy Birthday Nick Mason
Who is the best Batman/Bruce Wayne? - Poll Ended, Results:
Tied for last place both with 11%, Micheal Keaton and Christian Bale
In 4th place with 14%, George Clooney
In 3rd place with 17%, Adam West
In 2nd place with 19%, Ben Affleck
In 1st place with 28%, Val Kilmer
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January 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Ellen DeGeneres
Q. What building can't eat anything?
A. The I full tower!

January 25, 2017

Happy Birthday Virginia Woolf
Q. What do you call a frozen cat?
A. A catsicle!

January 24, 2017

Happy Birthday Neil Diamond 
Q. What kind of veggie cares about you? 
A. A care-it! 

January 23, 2017

January 22, 2017

Happy Birthday Guy Fieri
Q. What is the difference between a cat and a comma?
A. One has claws at the end of its paws and the other is a pause at the end of a clause

January 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Jeremy Shada
Q. What color socks do bears wear?
A. They don’t wear socks, they have bear feet! 

January 20, 2017

Happy Birthday Buzz Aldrin
Q. Where do sick bees go?
A. Go to a wasp-spital!

January 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Edgar Allan Poe
Q. Which nut sneezes a lot?
A. A Cashew!

January 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Jason Segel
Q. What did one wolf say to another?
A. Howl’s it goin’?

January 17, 2017

Q. What happens if you put a rock in the Dead Sea?
A. It will get wet!
Happy Birthday Steve Harvey and Sergeant Salt

January 16, 2017

Happy MLK Day!
Q. What did dinosaurs pay their bills?
A. With Tyrannosaurs checks!
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January 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.
Q. What is a computers favorite snack?
A. Microchips!

January 14, 2017

Q. What did the bride say when she dropped her bouquet?
A. Whoopsy daisies!
Happy Birthday Grant Gustin

January 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Claude Giroux
Q. What do you call an Irish gem that’s a fake?
A. A sham rock!!

January 11, 2017

Happy Birthday Alexander Hamilton
Q. Why couldn't the sock monkey finish his breakfast?
A. Because, he was stuffed!

January 10, 2017

Happy Birthday Rod Stewart
Q. What does a ghost use to wash its hair?
A. Shamp-boo!

January 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Richard Nixon
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January 8, 2017

Happy Birthday David Bowie
Q. What do you get when you grill a doll?
A. A Barbieque!

January 7, 2017

Q. What goes oob oob?
A. A backwards ghost!
Happy Birthday Jeremy Renner

January 6, 2017

Happy Birthday Rowan Atkinson
Q. Why do you always have to go to bed?
A. Because the bed won’t come to you!

January 5, 2017

Happy Birthday Robert Duvall
Q. What did the robot frog say?
A. Reboot, Reboot, Reboot!

January 4, 2017

Happy Birthday Sir Isaac Newton
Q. What did the math teacher say to her new assistant?
A. You really are a fine addition to my team!

January 3, 2017

Happy Birthday Eli Manning
Q. Why shouldn't you tell a clock a secret?
A. Time will tell.

January 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Shelley Hennig
Q. Who gave the liberty Bell to Philadelphia?
A. A duck family, Because it had a qwack in it!
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January 1, 2017