June 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Mike Tyson
Q. Why didn’t Santa have to pay for his new sleigh?
A. It was on the house!

June 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Rob Dyrdek
Q. What do golfers drink?
A. Tee!

June 27, 2016

Q. What room does a ghost not need in their house?
A. A living room!
Happy Birthday Matthew Lewis

June 26, 2016

Happy Birthday Derek Jeter
Q. Why did the thermometer go to college?
A. He wanted to get a degree!

June 25, 2016

Q. What do you call an angry monkey?
A. Furious George!
Happy Birthday Carter Tracy and George Michael

June 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Lionel Messi
Q. What do you call a 1,000 year old piece of bacon?
A. Ancient grease!


June 23, 2016

Happy Birthday Randy Jackson
Q. What do lazy farmers grow?
A. Couch potatoes!

June 22, 2016

Happy Birthday Kurt Warner
Q. What happens if you eat yeast and shoe polish?
A. You’ll rise and shine!

June 21, 2016

Q. What has a neck but no head?
A. A bottle!
Happy Birthday Chris Pratt

June 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Lionel Richie
Q. What happens when the fog lifts in Los Angeles?

June 19, 2016

Happy Fathers Day!
Happy Birthday Zoe Saldana
Q. What did Benjamin Franklin say when he discovered that lightning was electricity?
A. I'm shocked!
What is your favorite 80s song? - Poll Ended - Results:
In last place with 6%, Sweet Child of Mine
In eighth place with 7%, Livin' On a Prayer
In seventh place with 8%, Danger Zone
In sixth place also with about 8%, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
In fifth place with 9%, Don't You (Forget About Me)
In fourth place with 10%, Take On Me
In third place with 12%, Careless Whisper
In second place with 19%, Everybody Wants to Rule the World
In first place with 22%, Ghostbusters
Thank you all for voting and comment with ideas for the next poll!

June 18, 2016

Q. Why don’t bald people have keys?
A. Because, they don’t have any locks!
Happy Birthday Paul McCartney

June 17, 2016

Happy Birthday Shane Watson
Q. What did the baseball mitt say to the baseball?
A. “Catch you later!”

Band of Horses New Album: https://goo.gl/WQh1cW
Finding Dory Trailer: https://youtu.be/NQu-153MnGQ
Best of the 80s Playlist: https://goo.gl/ZBSdXu

June 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur
Q. What do you call a cranky cow?
A. Moody!

June 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Brian Curley and Ice Cube
Q. What did one triangle say to the other?
A. Let’s get together and square dance!

June 14, 2016

Happy Flag Day!
Q. Why was the hockey rink so hot after the game?
A. Because all the fans left!
Happy Birthday Donald Trump

June 13, 2016

Happy Birthday John Forbes Nash
Q. What did the electrician say to his co-worker?
A. Watts up?

June 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Joe Montana
Q. Did you hear that joke about the maze?
A. Nevermind, I would probably lose you!

June 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Prince Philip
Q. Why aren’t cheetahs very good at playing Hide n’ Seek?
A. Because they’re always spotted!

June 9, 2016

Q. What do mallards wear to a wedding?
A. Ducks-edos! (Tuxedo!)
Happy Birthday Michael J Fox

June 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Kanye West
Q. Why didn't the teddy bear have dessert?
A. Because he was already stuffed!

June 7, 2016

Happy Birthday Dean Martin
Q. I went in to a pet shop. I said, “Can I buy a goldfish?” The guy said, “Do you want an aquarium?”
A. I said, “I don’t care what star sign it is.”

June 6, 2016

Q. What did the boxer say to the barber?
A. Give me an uppercut!
Happy Birthday Ross MacDonald

June 5, 2016

Q. What’s Earth without art?
A. Eh! (Earth)
Happy Birthday Pete Wentz

June 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Russell Brand
Q. What did the digital clock say to its mother?
A. Look mom, no hands!

June 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Rafael Nadal
Q. What do you get when you slice meat in a blizzard?
A. Cold cuts!


June 2, 2016

Happy Birthday Wentworth Miller
Q. What do you call a cow having a seizure?
A. A milkshake!

June 1, 2016

Q. What do you call a football player that can’t see?
A. A blindside
Happy Birthday Morgan Freeman