April 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Stephen Harper
Q. Why did the poor man sell yeast?
A. To raise some dough!

April 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Jonathan Toews
Q. What do you get when chickens lays their eggs on the roof of a barn?
A. Egg rolls!


April 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Harper Lee
Q. Why was the woman fired from the assembly line?
A. She was caught taking a brake!

April 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Ulysses S. Grant
Q. Why does Waldo wear a striped shirt?
A. Because, he doesn't want to be spotted!

April 26, 2016

Q. What do you get when you fill you car with water?
A. A carpool!
Happy Birthday Kevin James

April 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Kris Letang
Q. Why did Adele's chicken cross the road?
A. To say hello from the other side!

April 23, 2016

Q. What do you say if a rock knocks on your door and asks, “Can I come in?”
A. Permission granite.
Happy Birthday JOHN CENA!!!!

April 22, 2016

Happy Birthday Marshawn Lynch
Q. Why is tennis such a loud sport?
A. The players always raise a racquet.


April 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Tony Romo
Q. Where do whales get their teeth done?
A. At the orca-dontist!
Earth Day Trivia Podcast up tomorrow!
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April 20, 2016

Happy Birthday Carlos Valdes
Q. What do you get when you play a game of tug of war with a pig?
A. Pulled pork!

April 19, 2016

Q. Why was the computer tired when he got home?
A. Because, he had a hard drive!
Happy Birthday James Franco

April 18, 2016

Monday ):
Happy Patriots Day!
Happy Birthday Conan O'Brien
Q. Where do ships go when they get sick?
A. To the Doc!

April 17, 2016

Q. What do baseball players eat on?
A. Homeplates!
Happy Birthday Sean Bean

April 16, 2016

Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin 
Q. How do you know if something chicken-proof?
A. It must be im-peck-able! 

April 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Leonardo da Vinci
A nurse tells a doctor, “Doc, there’s a man out there who thinks he’s invisible.”
The doctor says “Tell him to wait, I can’t see him right now!”
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April 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson
Q. What did the baker say to the thief?
A. Take the dough, I don’t knead it!

April 12, 2016

Happy Birthday David Letterman
Q. Why do oars fall in love so easily?
A. Because, they’re so row-mantic!

April 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Jeremy Clarkson
Q. How do you cut the ocean in half?
A. With a sea-saw!

April 10, 2016

Q. What kind of clothes do frogs wear?
A. Jump-suits!!
Happy Birthday Daisy Ridley

April 9, 2016

Happy Birthday Hugh Hefner
Q. What did the big flower say to the small flower?
A. What’s up, bud?

April 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Jamie Sierota
Q. If a crocodile hide makes shoes, what does a banana’s peel make?
A. Slippers!

April 7, 2016

Happy Birthday Jackie Chan
The other day a man came to my front door, asking for a small donation for the local swimming pool.
So, I gave him a small glass of water!

April 6, 2016

Q. What happens when you wear a watch on a plane?
A. Time flies!
Happy Birthday Paul Rudd

April 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Pharrell Williams
Q. What do you never want to use, have to use, but those using it are never aware they’re using it?
A. A coffin!

April 4, 2016

Q. Did you hear that NASA has made a restaurant on the moon? 
A. It has great food, low prices, but the atmosphere is really lacking! 
Happy Birthday James Roday 

April 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Eddie Murphy
Q. What is the most hurtful letter in the alphabet?
A. "B" It really stings!
Poll Ended: Who is Stupider? Results:
In Last Place with 7%: Justin Bieber
In 4th Place with 10%: Kim Kardashian
In 3rd Place with 14%: This Guy
In 2nd Place with 22%: Kanye West
In 1st Place with 46%: Donald Trump!
This has been my best poll yet, 125 people voted!!!
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April 2, 2016

I wasn't originally going to get a brain transplant,
But then I changed my mind!
Happy Birthday Marvin Gaye