August 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Larry Fitzgerald
Q. Why did the clock get sick ?
A. It was run down !

August 29, 2014

Happy Birthday John McClain
Q. Waiter, this soup tastes funny ?
A. Then why aren't you laughing

August 27, 2014

Happy Aaron Paul
Q. Whats red and flies and wobbles at the same time ?
A. A jelly copter !

August 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Mother Teresa
Q. How do you make milk shake ?
A. Give it a good scare !

August 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Althea Gibson
Q. What runs but never walks ?
A. Water !

August 24, 2014

Happy Birthday John Green
Q. What kind of hair do oceans have ?
A. Wavy !

August 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Kobe Bryan
Q: Why didn't the quarter roll down the hill with the nickel?
A: Because it had more cents.

August 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Usain Bolt
How did the telephones get married ?
In a double ring ceremony !
Summer Activity Poll Closed
In last place with 0% is Running, Boating, Relaxing and Water Skiing.
Tied for 3rd place each with 7% is Surfing, Swimming and Sand Castling.
With 14% in 2nd place: Baseballing, Hang Gliding and Beach Balling.
And finally in 1st place with 35%: Biking!
Please comment for poll suggestion if you have an idea.

August 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Louis Lane (Amy Adams)
Q: Knock, knock----Who's there?----Hawaii----Hawaii who?
A: I'm fine, Hawaii you?

August 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Bill Clinton
Q: Where do the pianists go for vacation?
A: Florida Key

August 18, 2014

Q: Why was the computer cold?
A: It left it's Windows open!
Happy Birthday Steve (Edward Norton)

August 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Fearless Leader (Robert De Niro)
Q: What is a Cheerleader's favorite food?
A: Cheerios!

August 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Carey Price
Q: What is the opposite of a cold front?
A: A warm back

August 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Batman (Ben Affleck)
Q: Why did Mickey Mouse take a trip into space?
A: He wanted to find Pluto!

August 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Tim Tebow
Q: Why did the pillow go to the doctor?
A: He was feeling all stuffed up!

August 13, 2014

Happy Birthday James "Bucky" Barnes (Sebastian Stan)
Q: Why did the tree go to the dentist?
A: To get a root canal.

August 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Mario Balotelli
Q: What do you call a flying police officer?
A: A helicopper!

August 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Isabelle (Alyson Stoner)
Q: What kind of car does a farmer drive?
A: A cornvertable!

August 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Antonio Banderas
Q: How did the farmer mend his pants?
A: With cabbage patches!

August 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Deion Sanders
Q: What kind of lighting did Noah use for the ark?
A: Floodlights!

August 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Roger Federer
Q: Why aren't you doing well in history?
A: Because the teacher keeps on asking about things that happened before I was born!

August 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Sidney Crosby
Q: Why is England the wettest country?
A: Because the queen has reigned there for years! 

August 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Robin Van Persie
Q: Why are fish so smart?
A: Because they live in schools.

August 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Neil Armstrong
Q. What do you call an underwater spy?
A. James Pond

August 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Barrack Obama
Q. What did the little tree say to the big tree?
A. Leaf me alone.

August 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Tom Brady
Q. How can you tell if a tree is a dogwood tree?
A. By its bark!

August 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Evander Kane
Q. How do trees get on the internet?
A. They log in!

August 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Stuart Holden
Q. Why did the book join the police?
A. Because it wanted to go undercover!